je ne parle pas français

so i'll let the funky music do the talking

baby elephant
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"i love william", a man called simone, big and fucking hard, brazilian camera-whores, camelot approves everyone/everyone, cappie pwnage, djokovic open winner, fist pump queen, four eight fifteen etc, gaspard perfection ulliel, germany just being amazing, gills hates books, greg says not lupus, happy talented banana, i don't understand sheldon, living in coeur d'coeurs, lol my english, miss poesy, ninjas in iraq, not that maria, not that swiss, ohgod it's killing me, oscar worthy cotillard, pivovarovas and magazines, rafa winning, robbie and cee, schwarz und weiss, seattle medicine is drama, spain's hottest saint, sports at 5am, team france ftw, ted's huge story, that smart granger, that team from barcelona, that team from liverpool, ugly spanish words, upper east side clothes, vampire!iniesta, xabi and babies, xavi's amazingness